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Bester Hose Reel Co

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Telephone: 86-318-54322255
Fax: 86-318-54322255
E-mail: sale@hose-reel.org
Website: http://en.cnlinfo.net/company/11429388.htm

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We are a professional and leading manufacturer of hose reels in China. Our hose reels catalog: air hose reel, garden hose reel, water hose reel, retractable hose reel, metal hose reel, automatic hose reel, and wall mount hose reel. They are all tested strictly so customers can trust. A hose reel is often made of metal, fiberglass, polypropylene or plastic materials. It’s a cylindrical spindle that used for storing a hose. And there are many types or styles of hose reels according to different classifications. According to the materials, hose reels can be divided into metal hose reel and poly hose reels. On the basis of applications they can classify into air hose reel, water hose reel, garden hose reel, and fire hose reels. And in terms of rewind method there are spring driven, hand crank, and motor driven hose reels. In addition, hose reels can be fixed in a permanent location as well as attached to a cart or truck.

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Membership grade:  Ordinary Member registered capital:  10000Thousand
Company name:  Bester Hose Reel Co legal representative:  chenhui
The company type:  Enterprise Units Employee number:  2
Management mode:  Processing & Manufacturing The time:  2013/7/16 17:02:33


Company address:  West Industry Park, Hengshui City, Hebei Province,
Company site:  http://en.cnlinfo.net/company/11429388.htm
E - mail:  sale@hose-reel.org
Telephone:  86-318-54322255
Fax:  86-318-54322255
Contact:  shenning
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