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J&M Int'l Co.,Ltd.[Taiwan]

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Telephone: 886-931571-810
Website: http://en.cnlinfo.net/company/20024664.htm

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J&M Int'L Co. Ltd. is the professional ISO9001 certified cable manufacturer and offers the most competitive prices and the best quality in the cable industry.The company mainly carries the following items:  Industrial products include the crane cable, elevator cable, welding cable, installation cable, instrument cable, etc. Cable assembly includes HDMI cable, DVI Cable, LVDS cable, etc. Internet products include UTP Cat.5e Cat.6 Lan cable, UTP Cat.5e Cat.6 patch cord, UTP Cat.5e Cat.6 ...

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Company name:  J&M Int'l Co.,Ltd.[Taiwan] legal representative:  
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Company address:  No.171/2F.,Sec.4, Xinglong road, Taipei City Taiw
Company site:  http://en.cnlinfo.net/company/20024664.htm
E - mail:  
Telephone:  886-931571-810
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