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Cablexpress[United States]

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Telephone: 1-442-9387
Website: http://en.cnlinfo.net/company/20024665.htm

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CABLExpress, a division of CXtec, is a manufacturer of datacenter technologies that has offers cabling infrastructure solutions worldwide. We supply everything from raised flooring and underfloor bus and tag cables, to ESCON?? cables, to Token Ring connectors and other legacy products. We offer everything your cabling infrastructure needs. We handle both legacy equipment, as well as leading-edge solutions from 1- to 10-gigabit and now to 40-gigabit to 100-gigabit. We provide connectivity ...

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Company address:  17735 long ridge rd Tampa Florida 33647 United Sta
Company site:  http://en.cnlinfo.net/company/20024665.htm
E - mail:  
Telephone:  1-442-9387
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