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Suzhou U-com Telecom Equipment Ltd.[China]

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Telephone: 86-0512-68180101
Website: http://en.cnlinfo.net/company/20024670.htm

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U-com Telecom is establishment in 2002, in honest, dedicated, efficient, pragmatic entrepreneurial spirit, always adhere to customer-centric, listening and deep understanding of application requirements from our customer, based on a series of high-quality, both characteristics products and services to content customer needs. "Do you enjoy high-quality communications services" is the purpose of U-com Telecom, as always, we will to provide High-quality and life-long products and services to ...

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Membership grade:  Ordinary Member registered capital:  1Thousand
Company name:  Suzhou U-com Telecom Equipment Ltd.[China] legal representative:  
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Company address:  NO.136 Tayuan RD.Suzhou Suzhou Jiangsu China
Company site:  http://en.cnlinfo.net/company/20024670.htm
E - mail:  
Telephone:  86-0512-68180101
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