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Telephone: 86-027-68886440
Fax: 86-027-68886696
E-mail: sales07@ycphar
Website: http://en.cnlinfo.net/company/11429398.htm


Membership grade:   Ordinary Member contact:  
Company name:   STERIOD NET Telephone:   86-027-68886440
The company type:   企业单位 Fax:   86-027-68886696
Management mode:   生产加工 Email:   sales07@ycphar
registered capital:   0Thousand Company website:   http://en.cnlinfo.net/company/11429398.htm
legal representative:   Ye Contact QQ:  
Number of employees:   NO! mobile:  
In time:   6 Address:   zhonghshan road
Major purchase:   Main sales:  
Workshop area:   0 department number:  
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