Honesty Alliance Member Profile
    Honesty Alliance Member is the online trading of credit signs of China Online Information, and can enjoy one to one distinguished VIP service. If you are the Honesty Alliance Member,you can release a lot of information and products as you can, also, can get more than ten times the advertising promotion.
    China Online Information provide a one-stop service to Honesty Alliance Member. For instance,from online shop, supply and demand publishing, advertising promotion to business news;from business transactions to the soft power of information . We provide comprehensive business promotion and packaging services.
     China Online Information adhering to the values that"customer service standards of all" .Customer demand is our demand, customer interest is our interest.We adhere to the concept of innovative services,Honesty Alliance Member will be the biggest beneficiaries .
     Honesty Alliance Member must agree and adhere to Site "Declaration of Integrity", build a network of environmental integrity together .
Honesty Alliance Member can enjoy the service are:
You can release a lot of information and products as you can;
Company information and product information arranged in front of ordinary members;
Personalized online shop, an independent space station of our website.
Site updated information can be used full refresh function;
Management business message function;
According to different levels can enjoy a month, six months or a year's home page text links advertising;
Enjoy the update value-added services of China Online Information。
Honesty Alliance Member fees:
  • 1.Full-service 2980 yuan / year (upgrade membership bid that is received 300 yuan in cash stored)>> more
  • 2.Streamline service 1980 yuan / year (upgrade membership bid that is received 150 yuan in cash stored)>> more >>
  • 3.Standard Service1480 yuan / year (upgrade membership bid that is received 80 yuan in cash stored)>> more
To experience and enjoy the attentive service ,Please register to become Honesty Alliance Member ,or upgrade to Honesty Alliance Member!
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