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    China Online Information( was founded in January 2001,its old name is "industry",and officially renamed"China Online Information" ,and it operated by ShenZhenShi XingXun IT CO.,LTD. It is one of the earliest e-commerce sites and has a huge number of users.CIIS index top 10 in Chinese B2B websites,it is also the biggest B2B e-commerce sites in southern China region,even is the major web portals in Chinese Business Network in China.
    China Online Information committed to building a trustworthy online trading platform,"China Online Information's honesty declaration" has become a standard which internet business world regularize Internet transactions internet transactions behavior.Thousands of network operators like and support it.
   We stick to network integrity and for users to create maximum benefit of the core values .We efforts to build a simple to use, convenient ,real-time network business transaction platform.And combine micro-operation of the network transaction with macro-information industry information.Member companies from online shop,online inquiry,submit order,to personnel recruitment,enterprise report,brand integration and promotion,electronic magazine implement one-stop services.If the enterprise by registered,they can enjoy a series of perfect services ,such as personnel recruitment,online product shelves, information release,enterprise news reports,brand promotion;and can join elite library of industry figures ,complete all the enterprise operation process except for production.
   Besides online business's huge polymerization advantage, China Online Information's News has received widespread attention in the industry.Especially the original character channel raised the banner of the network information original.China Online Information's News has become an important sources of information of the authoritative and traditional paper-based media.
   December 2007,ShenZhenShi XingXun IT CO.,LTD won "actively promote the development of information industry of shenzhen contribution award"which is the operator of China Online Information.May 2008,"Xingxun e-commerce platform network service system software" was accredited by China Software Test Center .China Machine Online for establishing network honesty culture and network accurately deal provides a wonderful model with its persistent efforts,and has grown into one of the most popular Chinese machinery industry e-commerce web portals in the chinese-speaking world.

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