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Welcome to read China Online Information's "Terms of Service Agreement "(hereinafter referred to as "Agreement").This "Agreement" set the terms and conditions apply to your use of this site offer a variety of tools and services(hereinafter referred to as "Services") which in the global inter-enterprise (B2B) electronic markets to trade and exchange.

1.Acceptance of Terms.

    Through the home into the site, you agree to enter into this "Agreement" with China Online Information, and you will be subject to the terms and conditions of this"Agreement" binding.We can discretion at any time change the terms and conditions.If the terms and conditions of any changes,we will notice published on the website, to notify you. If you do not agree with the relevant changes, you must stop using the "Services".The revised "terms" after publication,automatically take effect immediately.If you continue to use "service" to indicate your acceptance of the revised "terms." Unless otherwise explicitly stated, new content that make the "service" expanded or enhancements are bound by this "Agreement".

2.Who can use?

     "Service" can only be given to individuals or companies that can sign legally binding contracts according to relevant laws . Therefore, you can use our company services if you are over 18 years of age , otherwise, do not use it.China Online Information can refuse to provide "service" to anybody at any time with its own discretion."Service" will not be provided to the China Online Information's members who were terminated qualification temporarily or permanently .


    As China Online Information's ordinary members are totally free.The Company reserves the notice under section one after you to collect "service" the right cost.
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