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1.What is the "Product Display"of China Online Information?

    "Product Display" is a big booths that member diplay his products' pictures and text information.You can query the information you're interested in the products by category.You can also freely release or modify your product information through the user management platform, in order to promote and propagate products in the world.If you want to advertise in order to step up publicity in the China Online Information, please contact us,our telephone is 0755-82549949.

2.How to query the product information in the China Online Information?

Method 1
    Direct search using search function: you can search the information by enter products' keywords, release time and so on.
Method 2
    Follow the web's industry category, product category level by level inquiries.

3. Release product information must pay attention to what matters?

    (1)You must choose the right industry classification for your products when you fill in a form. For example you want to register "rice",you should choose "Food Category".please follow the prompts classified correctly,only in this way can we correctly your product in our web site.Only in this way, you can better promote the product !
    (2)You need to be ready for pictures to better display your products. If you have no product pictures temporarily , please do not post in "product information",you can put this information as supply and demand information to release in the "trade opportunities".
    (3)How to paste the product picture? Paste the picture is the most important step of sent product information, no or unqualified pictures will lead to transmission failure.
Concrete steps are as follows
    1)Scan the product image and save to disk.Image file specifications are: pixel 200X200, less than 200K, JPG or GIF format. Image more clearly, the better the publicity.
    2)Click "Product Picture" field box to the right of "Browse" button, pop-up Windows dialog box.
    3)Click the image file name that stored on your computer hard drive.Click "Open" or "OK" button,blank box will show the location of image files on the hard path, you have selected a need to upload the image file.As the pace of the network and send you pictures of different sizes, the sending process may last seconds to minutes range, please be patient.

4.After the release of the product information,how long can see it online ?

    China Online Information will confirm preliminary confirmation of your product information,if the information is correct, can occur within 24 hours on the Internet.No matter whether your information was released, we will notify you by e-mail.

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