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Wireless meter reading system(VW-AMR series Wireless module) The AMR system is suitable for water / gas / electrical meters. Devices included: Transmitter: Meter reading & Transmit device Local data collector: Collect local meters' reading within ranges Master data concentrator: Collect meters' & local collectors' records GSM/GRPS collector: For far away remote Handhold collector: For site data collection & parameters configuration. The Transmitter module comes with deep sleep mode which helps to save battery power and extent battery life. It will directly connect to a double-counting relays' meter to auto sample the reading pulse to get the meter reading. Also a valve control / detection are built-in which allow directly remote control valves which are inside some meters. The Transmitter module also has W. O. R function which allows the meter to be read on demand. The completed AMR solutions will help to distribute the system easier and faster.

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