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Company name: Vitalwell
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Release Date:  2013/10/8 13:31:49
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VW1101A Series Wireless Module The VW1101A series wireless module provides the capability of a short range, reliable wireless point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and mesh network RF data communications link. They can be used in a variety of data communications applications that require a simple to use invisible data link. The wireless modules are designed to operate in the unlicensed ISM frequency band (315MHz/433MHz/868MHz/915MHz ISM band) and are therefore acceptable for use in many countries. Features: Radio Chip: TI CC1101 4 Operation modes: Transparent mode, Transparent secured mode, Addressed mode and Addressed secured mode. Repeater supported Integrated wireless link protocols Deep sleep mode (Power down mode) /Wakeup Control Server-Client mode Broadcast Multi-drop mode Easy configuration by AT commands. Easy configuration with a user friendly control panel on PC. Major parameters: Radio Chip : TI CC1101 Frequency band : 315/433/868/915MHz Interface : RS232/232TTL/RS485/USB Modulation : 2-FSK/GFSK/MSK Max. Tx. Power : 10mW Supply Voltage : +3V~+5.5V RF data rate : 1200BPS ~ 256kbps Channel numbers : 16 channel Linkage range : 900m (L. O. S, outdoor, at 1200BPS) Operate temperature: -30ºC ~ 80ºC Size : 51mm X 25.2mm X 8mm 62mm X 40mm X 16mm (with casing) Interface footprint: 2.0mm SMT solder pad or pin header Antenna impedance : 50Ω Major applications: Wireless 232 or 485/422 data link Water, electricity, gas and other automatic meter reading (AMR)system; Building automation system; Security entry system; Intelligent traffic; Vehicle Control; Wireless scanner; Restaurant Order System Management; Industrial control, remote sensing, automatic data collection system; Wireless data transmission; Digital audio, digital image transmission; Wireless electronic display screen; Telemetric systems Oil Well Measuring, Environmental Protection Monitoring Hydrology Water Level Monitoring Robot Controls Wireless conference system; Wireless microphone solutions etc.

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