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Company name: Bester Hose Reel Co
Unit Price: $ 100
Release Site:  China
Release Date:  2013/7/16 17:16:04
Expiry Date:  Six month
Attention:  2090

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Fire hose reel is designed to work with firefighting equipment to combat with fire. It is very helpful and irreplaceable to firefighters. There are two kinds of fire hose reels. The first kind is that fire fighters use them to distribute fire hoses from the trucks in the fire place, and the second kind is that widely used and equipped in the walls of many buildings. We offer fixed and swing types. For the fixed type the sheet of reel is fixed. And for swing type the reel sheet can be moved because there is an axle in the middle. In the following pictures, the first one is fixed type, and the second one is swing type. Also we offer the tips on choosing a fire hose reel.

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